Preview NFL 2020: Top 10 NFL Week 1 Road Teams ATS

Winning on the road is one of the most difficult things in any sport but even more so in the NFL on opening day. The fans are full of optimism, home teams are jacked and yes, most are favored to win.

One of Jaye's top “bet-to-profit” tips: The key to making a profit is knowing that favorites are not going to always cover and will outright lose a lot too.

Here are the top ten teams over the last 10 seasons that confirm Jaye's wisdom:

Top 10 Week 1 ATS Road Teams

10. Buffalo

Bills - One way you may seek to interpret this list is think of it as "top road dogs." This team over the last decade has not been rated the favorite in many games and specifically week 1 contests but the Bills have covered in over 55 percent of these outings.

9. Jacksonville

Jaguars - come into the season as a Super Bowl contender. They are nearly 60 percent ATS as the road team week 1 over the last ten seasons with many of those contest doubling as the week 1 MNF season opener.

8. Philadelphia

Eagles - this how you establish yourself as NFL elite team and formidable Super Bowl champion by winning on the road with consistency. Stay us throughout the season and you will benefit from Jaye's "Movers" Listings. These birds have covered the spread on the road over 63 percent of the time week 1.

7. Miami

Dolphins - Can you say “Dogfish". Over the last ten seasons have entered week 1 with much optimism and on some occasions lofty expectations. And in week 1 as the road team, they maintain a cover of nearly 66 percent .

6. San Francisco

49ers - arguably this team has suffered some major disruption throughout the last ten seasons but on week 1 as the road team they cover the spread at an amazing 75 percent rate. Expect to them on "Movers"lists.

5. Arizona

Cardinals - like the Jags, many of their week 1 contests have doubled as MNF week 1 openers. This team is often overlooked, but if like to profit and I think you do keep your eye on this team weekly. In week one contests as the road team they are 3 -1 in these contests.

4. Dallas

Cowboys - I am well aware that America's team is just a marketing moniker; however, you must be able to win anywhere in America for it to be credible. The Boyz have covered curtain call games at an 80 percent clip.

3. Kansas City

Chiefs - In the playoffs four out the last five seasons having amassed a week 1 road record ATS of 4 -1. And you may have missed some of it as they also have had the pleasure of being billed in the second half of MNF season-opening double - hitters.

2. Oakland

Raiders - And yes I am going to say it "just win, baby". Although, their record over the last ten doesn't reflect much allegiance to the slogan they have covered the spread as the road team 83 percent of week 1 games in that same period.

1. Tennessee

Titans - And now you can say it - Ah Hell Nah! But it is true the number team ATS on the road over the last ten NFL seasons in week one play - are these guys. And guys, they are perfect.

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