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Let Jaye Sports Picks do the research, number crunching, and probability analysis you need to grow your winnings. Jaye Sports Picks (JSP) a trendsetting sports investment firm, works hard, making your money work for you.  


From humble beginnings in the dorms of Southern Illinois University, Jaye has been calculating sporting event probabilities for classmates, friends, family, and anyone looking for an edge for over three decades. 

Jaye studies the numbers, relative statistics, player performance, and many other intangibles hours on end in comparison to the current Vegas line and odds.


Jaye Sports Picks provides a prudent investor like yourself, research, valuations, and probability analysis to grow your winnings and return on investments.

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Jaye is not in the business of just providing picks; Jaye's in the business of providing you a means to diversify your investment earnings.


What’s stopping you from growing your individual income streams seamlessly?


Get started today with one of our exciting packages. 
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